4 – Figure Out Where You Want To Live, and Go There.     

Why spend years of your life trying to establish a clientele in a city or state that you do not like. Eventually you will move and need to build a clientele all over again; or, spend the rest of your life in a place you are unhappy.

Neither is a good choice.

5 – Figure Out The Type of Clients You Want To Work With, and Go Where They Are.              

If you dislike doing the hair of elderly people, stay away from retirement communities.

If you enjoy doing high-lights, stay away from luxury hotels and cruse ships. Nobody gets their hair high-lighted ON vacation, they do this BEFORE they go on vacation with their stylist “back home”.  In these places, you will be kept very busy, and make excellent money, doing roller sets, blow-drys, and lots & lots of mani / pedis.

If you enjoy doing the hair of young people, go where young people are – example: big cities and college communities.

6 – Decide If You Really Want To Do Hair, Skin and Nails.    

Or do you simply want to work “around” people doing these things. If you enjoy the industry, but don’t enjoy actually working ON people so much; perhaps a position as a salon manager is best for you. Begin by finding a position as a front-desk staff member and work your way up from there. Large hotels are an excellent place to pursue this approach.