It wasn’t until after I completed cosmetology school and passed my State Board Exam that I realized there was a whole lotta stuff that no one bothered to tell me.

So now I am going to tell you.

Below is a list of things I eventually figured out for myself – the hard way?

Some of you, and perhaps many of you, will not believe the things I say; but show this list to anyone in the industry for 20 years and they will tell you IT IS ALL TRUE!

Lets face it; there is no substitute for experience; but here goes

1 – Don’t Rent A Station Unless You Already Have A Clientele.

No matter how busy a salon is, they are NOT going to put clients in your chair.

For those of you that think I am wrong; please STOP reading immediately. Quickly go rent a station and in 3 months when you are broke, in debt for unpaid rent, have made no money, and have no clients – come back and read the rest of this post, it will make more sense to you then.

Keep in mind all the clients you see in that busy salon where you want to rent a station, well, they already belong to a stylist/s that was there long before you showed up.

And any new referrals to the salon are referrals from existing clients and they refer them to their stylist – not to you.

Remember This: Ff the salon actually had any “walk-in” customers, they would not be trying to rent their stations.

Long Story Short: If you have no customers of your own, find a salon  that pays commission, do not rent a station.

That way, even if you make NO MONEY at the end of the week, at least you will not owe any rent.

2 – Do Not Get A Job In A Salon In A Strip-Mall Near A Grocery Store.

In 1976, that was a recipe for success; this is not 1976!

Today, there are too many salons, in too many strip-malls, with too many new stylists, making no money while they read old magazines all day and pray for customers to walk in.

Don’t be one of those stylists.

Stay away from that salon and let it die a slow death – without you!

3 – Don’t Waste The Next 3 – 5 Years Of Your Life Bouncing From One Salon To The Next.

If you do, you will eventually end up as as Walmart Greeter.

Not that there is anything wrong with Walmart Greeters, but if that is what you want to do, why waste time – get on down to Walmart and apply today; the are ALWAYS accepting applications.