Early in the year,  American Salon magazine had a story pointing out some of the pros & cons of working in a commission salon or a rental salon.

The article didn’t say that one was better than the other, but it did point out a few things a stylist – especially a new stylist – should consider before making a decision either way.

Below is a very shortened version of that article:

3 Questions Every Stylist / Barber Should Ask Themselves Before Deciding Between a Commission Salon or a Rental Salon.

1 – Do you have your own clientele?
Your mom and your sister don’t count.
This is an actual clientele that brings you at least several hundred dollars every week, and on a consistent basis.

2 – Do you have a “Marketing Background” that will enable you to market yourself, and your new business, effectively?
Sitting in the salon all day and hitting the clubs all night in search of         customers is NOT a marketing plan.

3 – Do you have enough money in the bank to pay all your bills for at least the next six months?
This includes: station rental , supplies, and advertising; as well as your home rent / mortgage, electricity, phone, car payment, insurance, gas, and Food.

If you answered YES to all 3 questions,

MAYBE you should CONSIDER renting a station.

If you answered NO to any of them,

this is not the time for you to go solo by renting  station or booth.

In another Post I will provide you with a simple “Dollars & Cents”          formula to decide which is better for you.