The Pass Rate on the Cosmetology State Board Exam is 55% nationally. Higher in some states like Utah, and lower in many other states such as California, Florida, and Texas.
This means that every day in America, almost half the students that take their Cosmetology Exam will fail it – Don’t be one of them!

And do you know WHY the Failure Rate is so high?
Well, the answer is simple: Students study the Wrong Material & Information.

The problem is not that the students did not study, the problem is they studied the WRONG THINGS.
For Example:

  • They studied from out-dated questions (Milady Standard, Exam Review).
  • They studied questions from foreign countries that will not be on the Cosmetology Exam in the United States, such as Cpt Guru, China, and ProProfs, India.
  • And the BIG ONE: They studied the wrong sections of their textbook.

While every state has slightly different percentages, the following is approximately correct in every state (we know, as we have spoken directly with the State Board authorities in all 50 states).

30% – 40% = Hair Care Services
This includes Hair Color, Permanent Waves, Chemical Relaxers, Hair Cutting, Wigs & Extensions.
30% = Infection Control
This includes FDA, EPA, OSHA, Types of Bacteria & Viruses, Blood-borne Pathogens, Decontamination (Sanitation / Disinfection / Sterilization), Blood Exposure Incidents, and Universal Precautions.
20% = Skin and Skin Care
20% = Nails and Nail Care
*If your License does not include Skin Care or Nail Care, you will simply have more questions on Hair Care Services and Infection Control.

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