PSI stands for: Professional Services Industries.

Professional Services Industries / PSI is the largest test development and delivery organization in the country, and is usually referred to as PSI EXAMS.

PSI EXAMS creates and administers licensing examinations in the following Licensing categories:

-Barber / Cosmetology,
-Construction, Contractors / Trades
-Health Services,
-Insurance, and
-Real Estate.

PSI EXAMS has free practice tests and free practice exams, including questions direct from the 2016 State Board Exam,  available on their website; and at:

PSI EXAMS is the exclusive test development &  delivery partner to NIC. (National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology).

And PSI EXAMS the largest Exam delivery provider to Barber and Cosmetology State Boards in the United States.

Currently, 35 states have out-sourced all, or part, of their Barber, Cosmetology, Esthetician, and Nail Technology State Board Examinations to PSI EXAMS.

A short list of these states contains some of the largest states in the country including: California, New Jersey, and Texas (for a complete list, log onto:

PSI Office Locations Include:

3250 E. Tropicana Blvd.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89121
email: [email protected]

2950 N. Hollywood Way, Suite # 200
Burbank, California 91505
1-800-367-1565 0r 1-818-847-6180
email: [email protected]

PSI EXAMS has over 70 years experience providing solutions to government agencies.

PSI EXAMS offer comprehensive Licensing Services to all types of government agencies (including the State Boards of Cosmetology and Barbering).

PSI EXAM services include, but are not limited to:                                           -Free, Online, Cosmetology practices tests and practice exams,            -Test Development,
-Exam Administration,
-Exam Grading, and
-Records Processing.
*(in other words; they WRITE your Exam, they GRADE your Exam, and then they give the RESULTS of your Exam to your State Board – who in turn passes them on to you).

Here is the short, simple, version of the above information:

1) Rather than doing it themselves, it is cheaper for most states to pay some other organization or company to design and administer their standardized testing.

2) The biggest of these companies is PSI EXAMS.

3) Most states do not have the money to Write, Administer, and Grade their own  State Board Cosmetology, Barber, Esthetician or Nail Technology Exams.

4) Because most states cannot afford to do all this themselves, they hire some company to do it for them (the “polite” word for this is called: Out-sourcing).

5) The more money your state is willing to pay, the faster PSI EXAMS, or some other company, can get the results graded and back to your State Board of Cosmetology.

This is why in some states  – like California, the results of the California State Board Cosmetology & Barbering Exam usually come back within 2 hours; while in some other states it can take several weeks. As With Most Things in Life, You Get What You Pay For!