Most people agree the S.B.E. is hard – and they are right, it is hard!

What they don’t tell you is WHY it was hard, specifically WHAT made it hard?

Below are the 2 things that make it hard:

1) The questions are written in a way to confuse you. Remember, there are no new questions on the Exam, just re-worded old questions. Example: what is the opposite of Violet? Every textbook agrees it is yellow. But this sentence/question is NEVER on the Exam; rather, there are 15 variations of this sentence on the Exam – and most people get them wrong every single day.

2) The Exam tests heavily on: Sanitation, Scientific Concepts, Color Theory, and Nails. Its’ hard to say if these are tested heavily because the examiners believe they are the most important or b/c they know most students are unprepared in these areas and will fail their Exam.

Day after day, these areas are tested. Every school knows this – and yet, day after day, 4 out of 10 students FAIL their Exam – WHY???