Very often Barbers make the mistake of buying Cosmetology Exam Review materials to study for their Exam because they don’t understand what they are buying.

O.K. lets be honest;
the reason they don’t understand is because the manufactures lie and misrepresent their product.

But the manufacturer’s don’t care because they are all located in Hong Kong China and New Dephi India; and they know there is nothing you can do about it. So:

  1. after you fail your Exam,
  2. find out they lied to you,
  3. and took your money and will not refund it,
  4. – what are you going to do about it?

Do you really think you can file a lawsuit against a company in China?
Wait a minute, I’m sorry, I just fell off my chair laughing at that idea.

O.K. I’m back.

These companies only have 1 product; and it is the COSMETOLOGY material.
But they advertise it as BARBER material.

It contains 100’s of questions on:

The problem for you as a Barber is that you will NOT be tested on any of the 3 things just mentioned above.

But you will be tested on:

And NONE of these things are in the materials from CPT GURU or PROPROFS.

If you are going to spend your hard-earned money and precious time studying, at least study things that will actually be asked on your Barber State Board Exam.

We recommend 2 companies:
1) State Board Resource Center; headquartered in California.
2) MoMetrix; headquartered in Texas.

Both of these companies have material specifically designed for BARBERS, not Cosmetology books with the cover changed to say BARBER.

Here is an example of a typical BARBER State Board Question:

Prior to a shaving service, the headrest must be:
a- Washed & Dried
b- Disinfected & Covered
c- Adjusted to the clients height
d- Sanitized and Sterilized

b – It must be Disinfected & Covered.
For comfort, it probably should be adjusted to the clients height.
But the question doesn’t ask what SHOULD be done, it asks what MUST be done.

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