In a prior Blog Post we discussed 3 options for dealing with Hair-Loss that do not involve chemicals, prescriptions, or surgery; below we discuss 3 options that do involve one or more of these things.

4) ROGAINE (Minoxidal) – Available without a prescription, it can be used by both men and woman. It comes in 2 strengths (2% and 5%), and should be applied topically twice each day (morning and evening). Success Rate = 40% – 50%.

5) PROPECIA (Finesteride) – Requiring a prescription, this product can only be used by men (women who are pregnant or may become pregnant risk severe birth defects). Taken orally once each day. Success Rate = 80% – 90%.

6) Follicular Transplants – Available for both men and woman, this surgical procedure cost between $5,000 and $20,000 (depending on the extent of transplant and area the country), and provides a 100% Success Rate.