For most people the first person they will ask about thinning hair is their stylist. And while you are not a Dr., you should have knowledge of this topic and be able to offer information and suggestions.

There are currently 6 options available. 3 involve chemicals and/or surgery, and 3 do not.

6 Alternatives to dealing with Hair-Loss:

1) Accept it and ignore it – this is probably a lot easier for most of your male clients and unacceptable to most of your female clients.

2) Disguise it – toupees, falls, wigs, and extensions come under this category. And while they may be marginally successful, each has its’ own drawbacks including the high cost and that they often look fake. Additionally there is the issue of Traction Alopecia from extensions (heavily tested on the State Board Exam and discussed in other Blog Posts).

3) Laser Combs – costs range between $100 & $500 and work by stimulating blood flow to the scalp.