Pearson Vue is a competitor Testing Agency to PSI.

Neither Person Vue or PSI actually write the State Board Exam.

Both of these are private companies that work with NIC.

NIC = the National Interstate Council of State Boards.

NIC works with PSI, Pearson Vue and the State Boards of the individual states to create your State Board Exam.

By now you are thinking thats a lot of people involved in writing my State Board Exam – and you are right. Now you know why the Exam is so tough.

But we are here to help you pass your Exam.

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Pearson Vue

Pearson Vue began as- VUE (Virtual University Enterprises) in 1994.
It was acquired by Pearson in 1999.
And began administering the Cosmetology, Barber, Esthetician and Nail Tech Exams in 20016.

Pearson Vue currently administers the State Board Exam for 5 states.

The states and areas served:
Mississippi, and
Washington D.C.

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Pearson Vue is currently headquartered in Minnesota.

Pearson Vue
5601 Green Valley Drive
Bloomington, Minnesota 55437