We get asked this question almost everyday.

Here Is The BAD NEWS
The simple, although not very popular answer is,
if it is in your textbook it might be on your Exam“.

To make it worse, the State Board Exam uses at least 2 textbooks to create your Exam. They use the Milady Textbook (Cengage Learning) and the Salon Fundamentals Textbook (Pivot Point).

Each of these books has over 1,000 pages and they do NOT contain the same material or information. So just reading one book will not cut it if you plan on Passing your State Board Exam.

Most people don’t know this, or don’t believe it when we tell them. But they do believe it after they FAIL their State Board Exam.

Why do you think the NATIONAL FAIL RATE is 49%?

That means if you only read one of the two textbooks, you have a 50/50 chance of FAILING your Exam.

And after you FAIL, you cannot say you didn’t know this because the State tells you so right on their website.

Not really good odds!

O.K., Now For The GOOD NEWS

Although the Exam is constantly making-up new questions, the tested subject areas do not change.

Here is the breakdown:

30% = Scientific Concepts
40% = Hair Care & Services
15% = Skin Care & Services
15% = Nail Care & Services

*If your state does not test on Skin Care or Nails, they will spread that percentage (%) between Scientific Concepts and Hair Care Services.

**In most states, Barbers will not be tested on Nails; so that 15% is used for Clippers and Shaving.

You would think Barbers would have more than 15% of their questions on Clippers and Shaving; but, you would be wrong!

Scientific Concepts include:
-Decontamination (Sanitation-Disinfection-Sterilization),

Hair & Hair Care Services include:
-Hair Color,
-Hair Cutting,
-Hair Design,
-Hair Styling,
-Chemical Relaxing,
-Permanent Waving,
-Wigs, Braids and Extensions.

Skin & Skin Care Services include:
-Types of Skin Cancer,
-Layers of the skin,
-Hair Removal (waxing and tweezing).

Nails & Nail Care Services include:
-Parts of the nail,
-Nail conditions and diseases,
-Nail Enhancements (acrylic, gels, etc.).

Below are a few questions directly from this years State Board Exam:

State law requires the stylist to conduct what level of Decontamination immediately before meeting the next client?

Washing your hands with soap & water accomplishes what level of Decontamination?

Which of the following services doe not require a Predisposition Test: wax, acrylics, lightener, demi-permanent color?

According to classical artistic proportions, the face of a woman should be what percentage of her overall height?

Lightener, and
1/7th (Salon Fundamentals, page # 219).

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