Very few students understand how their Exam will be created, and because of that, they spend hours studying the wrong information.

And then in desperation, many will spend hundreds of dollars buying the wrong information to study.

Studying for, and passing, your Exam is:
A) a lot easier than you think,
B) a lot easier than the State Board wants you to believe, and
C) a lot easier than some companies selling you products to pass the Exam want you to know.
You just have to understand how the Exam is created.

Currently, most states are using what is known as the “National Exam”. This Exam is an attempt to create a uniform test across the country that will allow you to move from state to state and not have to be retested every time. What a great idea!

Also, to save money, most states have entered into a Contract with either PSI or NIC to administer (give or conduct) the Exam for them. It is like when your Doctor tells your Nurse what injection / shot to administer, and then the nurse administers / gives you the shot – the nurse did “not” decide what shot to administer, the nurse simply followed the doctors instructions.

Here is the really important part of this story:
whether you live in a state that uses the National Exam or still writes its’ own Exam, and whether your state uses PSI or NIC – should really make no difference to you!

And the reason it makes no difference is that EVERY state uses essentially the same approach to creating your Exam.

Your State Board of Cosmetology has about 2,500 questions in a computer test question bank. And all they do is push a button and 100 questions are selected at random (some states use a few more questions). Some states will do this with each student, others will do it daily, while others do it weekly.

And who cares?  It makes no difference. Think about the Lottery – 50 ping pong balls and 6 are selected at random. It is the same idea. No one knows which 6 balls, and no one knows which 100 questions.

But here is the exciting part:
You can get all those 2,500 questions (with answers) to study before your Exam.

So no matter which 100 questions the computer selects for you at random, you will already know the answers.

Now that you understand how the State gets the questions, and you know that you can buy all those questions (with answers) on our website – passing your Exam is easy and guaranteed!