We are the STATE BOARD RESOURCE CENTER; and we are an American company helping students pass their Cosmetology / Barber / Esthetician & Nail Technology Exam nationwide for over 30 years.

Our questions & answers come to us directly from the State Board Exam in 2016.

Our State Board Pass Rate of almost 99% is so high that even State Board Proctors tell us that our Flash Cards, State Board Exam outline CHEAT SHEET, cosmetology practice exams and Cosmetology Practice Tests make us the GURU of the industry.

Some of our competitors claim amazing results; but consider the facts:
1 – ProProfs is based in New Delhi, INDIA.
And although their website shows an office in California, the telephone number is an 855 area code that is an international number and goes directly to India.

Ask yourself this simple question:
How is a 6 month old company in India going to help you pass your State Board Exam in California, or in Texas, or in Florida, or in Illinois – or in any other state?

2 – Cpt Guru is based in Hong Kong, CHINA.
They began operations on March 17, 2016.
All their phone numbers are 800 numbers going directly to China.
And no matter what time of day or night you call them you “always” get voice mail. Do you even no what time it is in China?

Once again, ask your self this simple question:
How is a 5 month old company in China going to help you pass your State Board Board Exam in Texas – or in any other state in the United States?

many great products come from India nd China; like cheap plastic baskets in Walmart and synthetic hair extensions in Sally’s.

BUT – Do You Really Think the State Board of Cosmetology in Your State is Sending the Exam Questions & Answers to CHINA!

We Are in AMERICA, and We Actually Do have The State Board Exam Questions and Answers, direct from the State Board Exam for 2016.

Call us today, we answer our phones 7 days a week between 9 am and 10 pm.

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Whether you want:
Flash Cards,
Cheat Sheets,
Email Questions & Answers, or
the Online Exam using the same computer software as the State Board Exam
– we have it all!!!



(and you will not have to travel to India or Chine to get your money)

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