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Q) What is the difference between a Patch Test, a P.D. Test, and a Predisposition Test?

A) If you said there is no difference, you are right.

Q) Why are these 3 Tests given; is it to determine: allergic reactions, processing time, anticipated results, or, all of the above?

A) They are given to determine possible “allergic reactions”.

Q) Which government agency requires these Tests be given; is it the EPA, the FDA, the State Board of Cosmetology, or OSHA?

A) If you said the FDA you are right.

Q) Which of the following hair-color service applications  does not require a P.D. Test?

Semi-permanent color, Demi-permanent color, Certified Color, Permanent Color.

A) If you said Certified Color you are right.

The State Board Exam will heavily test these 3 government Agencies, and the 4 questions above are just a few of the questions they are asking now.