7 – Should You Look For a Position As An Assistant?
The right answers depends upon your long term goals.
For many new stylists, an assistant position is like winning the lottery!
Not only does it come with a regular paycheck and “Tips”, but you will actually learn how to do hair – and believe me, no matter what you think – you did NOT learn how to do hair during the short time you attended cosmetology / barber school.

8 – Do You Want To Work Behind The Chair, or, Do You Want To Own The salon?
These are two very different things; and there are few, if any, successful salon owners working behind the chair.
This is not because they are lazy, it is because managing a busy, successful salon, is a full-time job.
So decide early in your career, which job you want.

9 – Is This Industry Going To Be Your Career, or Will It Be Your Job While You Attend College?
Either choice is a good one, just decide early which one is your choice.
If this is a job while you attend college, then find a position doing hair at a chain such as; Great Clips, Super Cuts, Fantastic Sams’, etc.
These salons are always busy and they will actually put clients in your chair everyday.
If it is a career, stay away from these places; no matter how many customers you do per day, there is a limit to how much money you can make doing budget services.