The State Board Exam is a “Standardized Test” developed by the            Inter-State Council of State Boards of Cosmetology (NIC),                         Professional Industries Services (PSI), and State Licensing Boards.

The Exam is a test about WHAT YOU KNOW,
it is not a test about Solving Clever Problems.

Because of this, its’ an easy Exam to pass if you use a simple strategy.

That Simple Strategy, some people think of it as a “SECRET”, has 3 parts:

1 – Know the Questions & Answers before you walk in to the Exam.
2 – Know the Key Concepts before you walk in to the Exam.
3 – Know the Vocabulary before you walk in to the Exam.

If You Know These 3 Things Before You Walk In to the Exam;
When You Walk Out of the Exam you will have your License.

If you do not know these 3 things before you walk in to the Exam;
you will FAIL;  and you will continue to FAIL the Exam each time you take it until you do know these 3 things.

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