A recent study conducted by the University of California tried to shed light on why Exam Scores on Standardized Testing (Multiple Choice) have gone DOWN every year for the last 10 years.

After interviewing several thousand students at universities, community colleges, and trade schools (such as cosmetology & barber schools) – the researchers came to one conclusion:

  1. Students perform poorly on Standardized Testing because they have POOR STUDY HABITS.
  2. And the Number 1 Poor Study Habit of students = LACK OF CONCENTRATION while studying.
  3. And The Number 1 reason observed for this Lack of Concentration = CELL PHONES.

That’s right; when students were SECRETLY observed studying by HIDDEN CAMERA, it was observed that students who studied with a cell phone nearby could not go more than 5 minutes without at least glancing at their phone (and Breaking their Concentration).

Later when the SAME students were secretly observed studying in a room where cell phones were prohibited, they studied an average of 17 minutes without interruption or glancing away.

That is more the 3 times as long.

The “Take-Away” from this million dollar university sponsored study is simple,
If you want to Pass Your Cosmetology State Board Exam, do the following”:

  1. Make sure the place where you choose to study is QUIET and WELL LIT.
  2. Turn off your cell phone (not on vibrate or airplane mode, but OFF).
  3. Place your cell phone out of your sight (best of all, put it in a different room).
  4. Answer at least 100 questions per day, every day, for at least 30 days.
  5. Receive your Cosmetology License

We hope you found this article helpful;

>>and to make sure the questions and answers you are studying are the questions and answers from THIS YEARS EXAM.

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