While the Number 1 thing you can do to help yourself pass your State Board Exam is “study” many hours for it; reading the questions & answers carefully is a very close second.

And although the first question below has nothing to do with Cosmetology, it is a simple question that demonstrates the importance of reading the questions & answers carefully.

Q #1 – Lee’s parents immigrated from the Republic of China to Los Angeles California in 1961. They have 5 children named: La, Le, Li, and Lo – what is the name of their 5th child?

a) Lu,
b) Loo,
c) Lee,
d) Not enough information to determine.

Q # 2 – Violet is the Complimentary Color of yellow. If you are running late and in a hurry to remove the bleach from your clients high-lights and they end up being a slightly yellow shade, which Toner will neutralize this problem?

a) Blue,
b) Green,
c) Violet,
d) You must reapply bleach w/ 10 volume H2O2


Q # 1 = Answer C, the 5th child’s name is Lee, and it tells you so in the first two words of the question.

Q # 2 = Answer C, violet neutralizes yellow and it says so in the first sentence.

Read carefully, the State Board Examiners LOVE questions like there.