Here is another straight forward question that most people answer incorrectly simply because they did not read it carefully.

Question # 1:
A farmer has seventeen cows and all but eight die.
How many cows does the farmer have left?

a) 9,  b) 8,  c) 4,  d) 0

Now, here is an actual & recent State Board Exam question:

Question # 2:
What roller placement will create minimum mobility in the finished style?

a) No Stem,  b) Half Stem,  c) Full Stem,  d) On Base


Question # 1
The correct answer is (b), or 8, and it tells you so in the very first sentence when it says: “All but 8 die”.

If you answered (a), or 9 – then you answered how many died and that was not the question. The questions said: how many did he have left (in other words – how many LIVED, not how many DIED).

Question # 2
The correct answer is (d), or On Base, and this is because answers a, b, and c (Stems) only apply to Pin Curls and not Rollers (Milady, 2012, page # 423 and 427).

In this question, answer choices (a), (b), and (c) are incorrect because the question is asking about Roller Sets and these answers pertain to Pin Curl Sets. Only answer choice (d) pertains to Roller Sets, so it is the only possible answer.

Some will say this is a “Trick” question; others will say it is not.

No matter what YOU call it, you should expect to see something similar on your State Board Exam.

Read the question carefully!!!