“Porosity” impacts ALL CHEMICAL SERVICES (including: hair-color, bleach, permanent waves, chemical relaxers, and Brazilian Blow-Outs), and you should expect to see several questions dealing with “porosity” on your State Board Exam.

Because the porosity of hair will impact the processing time, the strength of the product used, and the end result – porosity is a factor that must be considered in every chemical service.

Porosity is defined as:
The amount of moisture an individual strand of hair can absorb.

Porosity can be measured or described as:
1) Poor Porosity,
2) Average Porosity,
3) Good Porosity, and
4) Extreme Porosity.

Most “porosity” questions on the State Board Exam concern them selves with the difference between:
POOR porosity and GOOD porosity.

Poor Porosity:
-hair will absorb products slowly (most likely because the hair is in good condition).

Good Porosity:
-hair will absorb products quickly (most likely because the hair is in bad condition).


Hair with its’ cuticle intact and tightly closed is said to have:                   a) Good porosity  b) Bad porosity  c) Poor porosity  d) No porosity



If you find this confusing, and many students do, you should reread the sections of your textbook explaining porosity.