What’s more fun than playing the Lottery?

Probably winning the Lottery!

And what’s more fun than winning the Lottery?

O.K., probably nothing – but passing your State Board Exam the 1st time will be pretty exciting!

Every week we receive calls to our office from students telling us things like:

I heard there are 3 different exams (or 7, 11, or 92 – take your pick)

I heard there is a new test in June (or July, or October, – once again, take your pick)

“I heard they are changing the questions next month”

But as far as the WRITTEN portion of the Exam is concerned, none of these statements are true.

Here is how the WRITTEN portion of the Exam is designed:

Your State Board,
1-In conjunction with Milady / Cengage & Salon Fundamentals / Pivot Point.
2-And NIC, PSI, Person Vue and Prometric.
3-Maintains a computer database of approximately 2,000 (+/-) exam questions.
4-These questions are grouped by topic (ex: Anatomy, Chemistry, Sanitation, Wigs, etc.).
5-From each topic, the computer randomly selects questions to be on your exam.
6-Approximately 1/3 of your exam will be on Infection Control (Sanitation, Disinfection, Sterilization).
7-The remaining 2/3rds of the exam questions will cover all the remaining topics fairly evenly.
8-Most states have 100 questions on the exam (some have as few as 65 and others as many as 125).
9-Some states will pass you with a 70% while others will require 75%.

***If you look at # 5 above you will see it works just like the Lottery;
there are 50 or 60 balls bouncing around, and only 6 come out – buy which 6 will it be?

Finally, remember the State Board is CONSTANTLY adding new questions and deleting old questions. This is an ongoing, sometimes daily, process. And while the actual process is complex, the explanation is simple –  it is done so that your instructor will never be able to say to you These are the 100 questions that will be on your test”.

Here at the State Board Resource Center we provide you with ALL, 2,000 (+/-) questions and Answers.

Now that you understand how the Exam is set-up, and you have every possible test question, you can be 100% certain to pass your State Board Exam the 1st time and win the Lottery.

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