For people that are serious about taking their Barber Exam or Cosmetology Exam – and passing it the first time, there are so many organizations involved in creating your State Board Exam, and so many INITIALS, it can be a bit over-whelming.

Below is a short explanation of some of those INITIALS:

PSI = Professional Services Industries.
(explained in detail in a previous post).

CIB = Candidate Information Bulletin.
This is a 4 or 5 page booklet you will receive from NIC soon after you apply for your Licensing Exam. Along with some basic Exam information, it contains about two dozen questions (and answers) taken from prior Exams.

The questions are provided as an example of the types of questions, and the question format, you should expect to see on your State Board Exam – these specific questions will NOT be asked on your State Board Exam.

NIC – National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology.
-The NIC is a voluntary Membership Association of State Boards.
-The NIC is divided into 4 Regions; Region 1 is along the East Coast and Region 4 is along the West Coast.
-NIC membership currently includes all 50 State Boards of Cosmetology.

Contact information for all 50 State Boards of Cosmetology, including physical addresses, email addresses, website addresses, and telephone numbers is available at:

NIC has offices located at:

7622 Briarwood Circle
Little Rock, Arkansas 72295
Debra Norton, Coordinator
[email protected]


2811 Cacto Crt.
Henderson, Nevada 89704
Mary Manna
[email protected]

On the NIC testing website, they tell you in VERY large print:


The contact information for all 50 State Boards of Cosmetology can be found at:

The “OBJECTIVES” of NIC are set-forth below:

1) Provide a forum for the exchange of State Regulatory Ideas as necessary to promote the highest standards of consumer safety.

2) Promote National Endorsement and standardization of Regulations affecting the practice of Cosmetology and related fields, within all jurisdictions.

3) Provide a standardized, valid, and legally defensible


4) Encourage competency in the practice of Cosmetology and related fields.

5) Cultivate professional relationships with industry partners to achieve common goals.

“The National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology, Inc.; in association with The National Hairdressers and Cosmetologists Association, Inc. – commit to actively pursue the enactment of Legislation which will allow a Cosmetologist Licensed and in good standing in one state, to qualify for Licensure to practice Cosmetology in another state WITHOUT EXAMINATION.”

The above described Policy Objective was adopted by Delegates in attendance at the Annual Conference of the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology – September 10th, 1984.

*Apparently they have not made much progress in the last 32 years!