To create your Cosmetology State Board Exam, the State Board uses at least 2 textbooks (and in some states they use 4 textbooks).

The 2 main textbooks are: MILADY and SALON FUNDAMENTALS.

Which textbook does your school use?

While both are excellent, you need to understand they are different.

They do not contain the same information; and in some areas, such as the explanation of Melanin,
they actually appear to contradict each other.

Here are 2 Examples:


Page # 631

-Eumelanin = the Melanin that gives brown & black color to hair.
-Pheomelanin = the Melanin that gives blonde & red color to hair.

Salon Fundamentals,
Page # 498

-Eumelanin = a dense concentration of Eumelanin will produce dark hair; while a small concentration will produce light blonde hair.

-Pheomelanin = a predominant amount of Pheomelainin will produce red hair.

***So which is it?
Is blonde hair produced by Pheomelanin or Eumelanin?
This should be a simple question (but as you can see, it is not).


Page # 630

-Porosity is the hair’s ability to absorb moisture.

Salon Fundamentals,
Page #’s 125, 428, and 464

-Porosity refers to the amount of moisture that the individual hair-strand can absorb;


the ability of the hair to absorb moisture and/or chemicals and retain liquids and/or chemicals.

***In a lecture / Theory Class, this is probably not that important; but if you memorized one definition and then the Exam tests you on the other definition – it could be the difference between Passing and Failing.

Remember, there is just 1 Point between Passing and Failing.

This could be that 1 Point!

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