Every day we here from students and they tell us they know there are 3 versions, or 4 versions, or maybe 9 versions of the State Board Exam (SBE).  And they are all wrong, “none” of this is true!

These stories remind me of a story my mother told me as a child. She said if I put my tooth under the pillow at night, in the morning I would find money left by the Tooth Fairy. So I put my tooth under my pillow, and magic – in the morning there was money. But it wasn’t the Tooth fairy that put it there.

I took 1 true fact (money under my pillow) and concluded that a small winged lady came sneaking into my bedroom at night and gave me money – if only that were true, WOW!

And just because you and your friend had different SBE questions (1 true fact) does not mean there are 3, 4, or 9 versions of the SBE.

Here is how it really works:
1 – Almost every state now uses computerized testing.
2 – Almost every state has contracted with a professional testing company to “Administer” the SBE.
3 – These testing companies (such as: PSI and Thompson Prometrics) do “not” write the SBE, they simply administer it, which means they provide the state with computers and test proctors. But it is the state that provides these companies with the SBE questions.
4 – Each state has about 2,500 questions in their computer test question bank and they simply “Push A Button” and the computer randomly generates your SBE (between 75 and 125 questions, depending upon the state in which you live).
5 – For those of you living in a state with a Lottery, think about those 6 ping-pong balls and how many possible combinations exist. In case you don’t know how many, the answer is approx. 13 million possible combinations.
6 – If 6 ping-pong balls have 13 million possible combinations, imagine how many possible combinations there are with 2,500 ping-pong balls or exam questions.
7 – O.K., its’ a pretty high number, and it is not 3, or 4, or 9 as you may have heard. It is in the “billions” and you can never learn them all.
8 – But all is not lost; what you can learn is all 2,500 questions.

9 – Here is your decision: do I want to learn 2,500 questions or 5 Billion SBE Versions?
10 – I am guessing you decided to learn 2,500 questions.

11 – And once you learn all 2,500 questions, you will pass the SBE Guaranteed – no matter which of the 5 Billion versions you get!

12 – Passing the SBE really is that simple (no magic Tooth Fairy required).

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