You read your Milady textbook from cover to cover; well, not really, but you did skim the important chapters – you did, Right?

You took every free cosmetology practice test you could find online and saved your money for important things like that low-fat, half-caf, extra whip, Caramel Frappuccino that you must have every morning.

You applied for your Cosmetology State Board Exam; got your hair colored, found just the right heels (not too high), and the perrrrfect  earrings  (not too big) – you were ready.

The next day you marched into the test center with your head held high and a big smile on your face, that was your day, and a party that night where your friends & family would give you the expensive gifts you deserved.

And then the unthinkable happened  –  you failed your cosmetology exam!
How could that be, you had your hair done and found those cute shoes; it must be a mistake – its soooooo unfair!

It was as though the test questions were written in a foreign language; you never saw most of them   when you were studying – you did study, Right?

You yelled, you cried, you screamed, and then you did the only logical thing – you looked for someone to blame.

It’s your instructors fault, she was no good; or maybe it’s your boyfriends fault – after all, he made you stay late at that party last night – yeah that’s it, it’s his fault.

A few weeks later your mother bought you the online practice exam from the State Board Resource Center.

Containing every Q & A from the 2017 State Board Exam, it arrived in your email within 30 seconds, and stayed there – unopened – for 30 DAYS because you were NEVER taking that stupid test again.

And then your father reminded you he paid thousands of dollars for your education and he gave you two choices: go back or get out.

So you started studying the questions on your Phone, reapplied for your test and before long, the big day arrived – again.

You walked into the test center with your head low, a frown on your face, roots all big and grown out – why bother.

And then it happened  –  you passed your Cosmetology State Board Exam!!!

You yelled, you screamed, you cried – and forgot to thank your mom.


And now, what to do?

Where to find a job?

Should you see if that assistant position was still available, or how about that commission job at the salon where your friend works; or maybe, you should rent a station – after all, you do have a customer?

What To Do, What To Do – it’s your boyfriends fault.