Passing your State Board Exam is a fast & simple 2 step process;  but they will not teach you this process in school!

And how can you tell they didn’t teach you this in school?                      Simple, if they did,  everyone in your school would pass the 1st time. Ask yourself, did everyone in your school pass the 1st time?

So O.K., here are the 2 simple steps to passing the 1st time:

(1) – Study the right information.

By the right information we mean:   get your hands on the actual questions being asked on the Exam right now – this year – today! What will YOU be asked, not what was your teacher asked 30 years ago, or your friend was asked 6 months ago – but what will YOU be asked – now?

(2) – Study these questions & answers everyday.

Set aside time to study everyday.  As an example: promise yourself you will study undisturbed for 1 hour per day, or tell yourself you will answer 50 questions each day. And do this “everyday” no matter what else is going on!

The Pass Rate across the country is 55%; our Pass Rate is 98.5%.