The State Board has no specific rules as to how you should dress for your Exam; and this lack of specifics often causes a lot of confusion and misinformation.

Remember that at the State Board Exam testing center, Low Key and Looking the Part are always good ideas; especially if you want to pass your test the first time.

Keep in mind that you are there to be noticed for your outstanding skills with hair, skin and nails – not for your pink hair and amazingly toned abs!

Here are some Low Key ideas that will help you Look the Part,
and enable the Test Proctor to focus on your “SKILLS” and not on your shoes.

OUTFIT / Uniform:

1-No sleeveless tops
2-No see through tops
3-No spaghetti straps
4-No bare midriffs
5-Tops must meet bottoms
6-All black, all white, or a mix of black & white (avoid bright colors)
7-Smocks are always a good idea (especially if you are not wearing a uniform)


1-No flip flops (noisy & dangerous on slippery floors)
2-No high heels (dangerous on slippery floors)
3-Closed, rubber soled foot-ware is best (tennis shoes in white or black with socks & llaces)
4-Shoes should be clean and polished


1-Appropriate for daytime


1-Clean and dry, in a finished style
2-If your hair is longer, pull it back in a ponytail (that way it will not fall in your face as you bend forward)

3-If your Bangs are long, pin them back so they are not falling over your eyes during the test
4-No hats
5-No caps
6-No scarves
7-No headdresses
6- No head gear (unless required for medical and/or religious reasons)


1-If wearing polish, the polish should be clear or a very pale shade

As mentioned at the beginning of this Blog, there are few, if any, “Rules” regarding what you should wear to your State Board Exam; but the above SUGGESTIONS come directly from the Proctors that will be grading your performance.

And obviously, it is in your best interest to dress as they think you should
(unless you are the type that enjoys “Pushing Their Luck” and would enjoy coming back and taking the Test several times until you FINALLY do what the Proctors want).

After they give you your License, wear anything that makes you happy.

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