As the Title to this Blog asks, how many ways can the State Board Exam ask you the same question?

Below we look at 15 of those ways; yes 15, and there could be more!

1) Hangnails are best treated by:
a) A pumice filing b) A paraffin manicure
c) A hot oil manicure d) None of the above

2) Agnails are best treated by:
a) A paraffin manicure b) A hot oil manicure
c) A cream manicure d) All of the above

3) The technical / scientific name for a hangnail is:
a) Onychia b) Aglonail
c) Both a & b d) Agnail

4) The improper use of nail nippers may result in:
a) Agnails b) Hangnails
c) Both a & b d) None of the above

5) Condition often results from improperly using nail nippers:
a) Eggshell nails b) Trumpet nails
c) Brittle nails d) Agnails

6) A condition often occurring as the result of the improper use of nail nippers during a manicure:
a) Beau’s Lines b) Plicatured Nails
c) Hangnails d) Pincer Nails

7) A condition that may be aggravated / increased by the improper use of nail nippers:
a) Trumpet nails b) Onychorrhexis nails
c) Leuconychia nails d) Agnails

8) Because improper nipping during a nail service may result in this condition, nipping is prohibited by law in certain states:
a) Hangnails b) Plicatured nails
c) Agnails d) Both a and c are correct

9) The nail tech notices the skin around his / her client’s nails has begun to separate from the nail plate, this condition is know as:
a) Onychophagy b) Onychocryrptosis
c) Anglenails d) Hangnails

10) Very dry cuticles may lead to, or result in:
a) Beau’s Lines b) Dry, brittle nails
c) Hangnails d) All of the above

11) A nail disorder that may result in the splitting of dry cuticles:
a) Beau’s Lines b) Aglonails
c) Plicatuted nails d) Agnails

12) For which of the following conditions would a hot oil manicure be least effective:
a) Agnails b) Beau’s Lines
c) Dry cuticles d) Hangnails

13) For which of the following conditions would a hot oil manicure be most effective:
a) Hangnails b) Dry cuticles
c) Agnails d) All of the above

14) The more common name for an Agnail is:
a) Hanglenail b) Dry nail
c) Seco onyx d) Hangnail

15) One of the most common nail problem a nail tech will observe with his / her clients is:
a) Onychia nails b) Beau’s Lines
c) Discolored Nails d) Agnails / Hangnails


1 – c, 2 – b, 3 – d, 4 – c, 5 – d, 6 – c, 7 – d,

8 – d, 9 – d, 10 – c, 11 – d, 12 – b, 13 – d, 14 – d, 15 – d

*Remember, every one of these questions has appeared on a State Board Exam, in some state, within the last few months.

And they all question 1 simple idea:
– Be aware that dry cuticles will crack,
– Cracked cuticles are known as Agnails or Hangnails,
– Improper use of nail nippers can make this problem worse (aggravate or increase).