There will be 65 graded questions on the Clinical Exam that must be answered.

There will be an additional 15 questions that are optional to answer; but you should answer them.

Any of these 15 questions that you answer “correctly” will be added to your overall score and can help you pass.

However; any of the 15 questions that you answer “incorrectly” will NOT be counted against you.

So by answering them you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The current break-down by Subject Category, is as follows:

39% = Hair Color (includes Bleach / Decolorizer)
34% = Permanent Waving & Chemical Relaxing
32% = Hair Styling
10% = Hair Cutting & Shaping
5% = Scalp & Hair Care

*Some of you may have noticed these totals come to 120%, and we noticed it also. This is because of the optional 15 questions.

**You might also notice that Chemical Services are worth 73 points (39 + 34); therefore, it is mathematically impossible to pass the Clinical Exam without a strong knowledge of Chemical Services.

***In Florida, 2 out of every 3 Exam FAILURES are because of the Clinical Exam.