Have you seen the T.V. commercial where the guy opens his pizza box and a piece is missing?

Whats’ that about?

Well that’s what it’s like if you order State Board Exam study materials and questions from some of our competitors.

Right on the website of at least one company it even tells you this when they say:

Includes questions from this years’ State Board Exam”.

If it includes questions from this years’ Cosmetology State Board Exam, that means NOT All of the questions in their material come from this years’ State Board Exam. The other questions  come from last year, or next year, or maybe from China.

If it contained All the questions it would say “Contains all the Questions”, but it doesn’t say that!

So where do the other questions come from?

Are they last years, old, out of date, questions?

And if so, why do you want them?

And even more important, why are you paying for them?

Since you are paying the full price, shouldn’t you get the whole pizza; or in this case, shouldn’t you get All THE QUESTIONS from THIS YEARS EXAM.

You paid for them.

This years’ Cosmetology State Board Exam is tough enough without studying last years’ questions.

We give you “ALL THE QUESTIONS” from this years’ State Board Exam, not just “Some of the Questions”.

Pay For The Whole Pizza  – Get The Whole Pizza.

Seems pretty simple right?

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