Its’ the sound of people crying.  Crying after they failed their State Board Exam.
And only a few hours earlier they were  so confident and full of smiles.
In fact, many had a big party planned to celebrate their passing; oh well, maybe next time.

If you think the State Board Exam is easy – you are right.
Its’ passing the State Board Exam that’s tough.

That sounds crazy, right?
But think about it this way; the State is more than happy to take your money and let you sit for the Exam over-and-over, and over again.

Taking it is the easy part; passing it is the tough part.

O.K., we know you studied a lot; or maybe you didn’t study at all – makes no difference.
In either case, the simple fact is that the state will fail 49 out of every 100 people taking the Exam .

If you are 1 of those 49 people, you will fail your test.
And you will not have a License.
But you will have a big bill you owe the government for your school tuition, and no way to pay it back!

Up until now this Blog sucks, and should probably come with a box of tissues – but there is still hope.

As we have discussed in previous Blog Posts, the State Board Exam uses at least two textbook to create your Exam – Milady / Cengage and Salon Fundamentals / Pivot Point.

And these two textbooks absolutely do not contain the same information. Just consider their different definitions of POROSITY. Milady, page # 630 and Salon Fundamentals, page # 464.

So what are you supposed to do?
You could buy both books at about $100 each, and the read both books at about 1,200 pages each.
Lets see: $200 and 2,400 pages to read.

Or, you could but the entire list of questions and answers on the 2017 State Board Exam from us.
Its’ just  $49.95 and has only 175 pages.

With the $150 you saved you can through yourself a party after you pass the test.
And you will pass it, we guarantee it.

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