When you are looking to buy study materials, carefully read  what you are getting before opening your wallet.

Here are few things to be on the lookout for:

There is one company selling test questions from May & July, 2014. And they tell you this right on their website! Why would anyone buy questions that were on the test 2 years ago?
Don’t you want the questions on the Exam this year?

Another company is selling FLASH CARDS to Cosmetology & Barber students – sounds great right?

But these cards were designed for the companies Medical School.
The cards will teach you all about about TRICHOTILLOMANIA and SPINA BIFIDA OCCULTA; the problem is – Trichotillomania and Spina Bifida are NOT on the Cosmetology or Barber Exam.

So why are you PAYING for, and STUDYING things, that will NOT be on your test?

And then there is the biggest offender of all;
lets call them “cosmetologyptacticetest.guru”, mostly because that is their name.
These bad guys are in China and they sell Cosmetology questions to Barber students and call them Barber questions.
And by the time you realize this, it is to late, they have your $$$.

In their material, there are NO questions about CLIPPERS, RAZORS or SHAVING.

But there are 100’s of questions about NAILS, NAIL DISEASES and how to do ACRYLIC NAILS.

And this is something important to every Barber – NOT!

And to be clear, there are NO questions on the Barber State Board Exam about Nails, Nail Diseases or Acrylic Nails.

Is it any wonder that the Exam Pass Rate is only 51% when the students are being sold this useless stuff!

Their advertisements are full of S&%T; O.K. lets be nice, lets call it “LIES”.

Here at the STATE BOARD we ONLY sell questions on the 2016 Exam;
and next year, we will ONLY sell questions on the 2017 Exam.

We have FLASH CARDS designed for Cosmetologists and FLASH CARDS designed for Barbers.

And unlike another company (cough, cough – guru), we did not simply change the cover of our Cosmetology material and presto, bingo, just like magic – now it is Barber material!

Our COSMETOLOGY material contains hundreds of questions on:

Our BARBER material contains hundreds of questions on:

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