The State Board Examination is written using two main textbooks:
Milady / Cengage and Salon Fundamentals / Pivot Point.

Only a handful of schools use both textbooks, how about your school?

Keep in mind that although both textbooks are good, THEY ARE DIFFERENT.
And most importantly, they do NOT contain the same information.
That is why the State Board Exam uses both.
The problem is that: in some areas, the two books appear to contradict each other.

Here is an example of one such contradiction, and there are others:


Eumelanin =
the melanin that gives black and brown color to the hair.

Pheomelanin =
the melanin that gives BLONDE and red color to the hair.

*Milady; Page # 631


Eumelanin  =
a dense concentration of Eumelanin will produce dark hair, while a small concentration will produce light OR BLONDE hair.

Pheomelainin =
a  predominate amount of Pheomelanin will produce red hair.

*Salon Fundamentals; Page # 498

Is blonde hair produced by Eumelanin or Pheomelanin?

During your 8 am Theory Class, you are probably not that concerned with this contradiction; but remember on your State Board Exam, 75 = Passing and 74 = Failing.

There is just 1 point between Pass and Fail; and what if this question was that 1 point!

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