There are 5 types of hair-Loss or baldness briefly discussed in the cosmetology textbooks:

1 – Androgenic Alopecia: more commonly referred to as Male Pattern Baldness (although it can also appear in woman).

2 – Postpartum Alopecia: hair-loss after pregnancy.

3 – Alopecia Areata: hair-loss in areas; usually the result of injury.

4 – Alopecia Totalis: complete loss of all scalp hair.

5 – Alopecia Universalis: complete loss of all hair on the scalp, face, and body.

And now, the 2 types of hair-loss or baldness not discussed in your textbook but frequently asked on the Exam:

6 – Alopecia Senilis: hair-loss resulting from extreme old age.

7- Traction Alopecia: type of hair-loss or baldness resulting from pony-tails, extensions, and braids.

*** Numbers 1 and 7 are current State Board Exam favorites.