Many student Barbers think they will be asked only Barbering questions about CLIPPERS and RAZORS on their State Board Exam.

Sadly, they are wrong!

In fact, there are usually only 5 to 7 questions about Clippers and Razors on the Exam.

The remainder of the test will be on Decontamination, Hair Color, Chemical Relaxers, Permanent Waves, Hair-Pieces, and Shampooing.

And because most student Barbers are completely unprepared to answer any questions that are not about Clippers and Razors, it is easy to understand why 49 out of every 100 student Barbers FAIL their Exam.

Of course, that is GREAT NEWS for the 51 out of 100 that do pass the Exam because it really decreases the competition.

But it is BAD NEWS for the 49 that now have to go work as  stock-boys in Walmart because they did not study the correct things and FAILED their Licensing Exam.

The following 5 questions have appeared on every Barber State Board Exam designed by NIC and PSI over the last 12 months.

Therefore; it is about 99% certain they will be on yours.

1) This is the largest Organ in the human body?
a) Heart
b) Brain
c) Dermis
d) Stomach

2) A pH of 11 is how many more times alkaline than a pH of 9?
a) 10
b) 20
c) 100
d) 1,000

3) This shaving technique is used in 4 of the 14 shaving areas of the face?
a) Freehand
b) Reverse Freehand
c) Backhand
d) Reverse Backhand

4) This is a “Kneading” massage movement that involves lifting, squeezing, and pressing the tissues of the dermis.
a) Petrissage
b) Effleurage
c) Tapotement
d) Chucking

5) What is the name of the branch of science that studies the structures, functions, and diseases of muscles?
a) Osteology
b) Trichology
c) Histology
d) Myology

1 – c.
2 – c.
3 – b.
4 – a.
5 – d.

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