Which One Should I Choose

*Everyone wants to pass their State Board Exam, the 1st time.
* And every company tells you they can help you do that.
*Some companies claim to have the questions direct from this years’ State Board Exam.
*And other companies offer a Money Back Guarantee if you fail your State Board Exam.

Here is the problem:
Since every company is saying the same things, how do you know which is best?
Or even which company is telling the truth.

And here is the solution:
Any company that really has the questions direct from this years’ State Board Exam, and actually honors their Money Back Guarantee will have 6 things in common.

6 ThingsTo look For:

They will have a local telephone number/s on their website. Companies with 800 / 866 / 888 phone numbers are NOT doing this to make your life easier, they are doing it to disguise the fact that they are in India or China and not here in the U.S.

Can you speak Chinese?

And how does a company in China know what is on your test in Arizona, or California or Florida, or any other state?

They will answer their phone when you call and not send you to voicemail repeatedly. And if they do miss your call, they will call you back promptly.

They will have personal contacts with current State Board Members in your state. It’s hard to have a personal relationship with someone in India or China when you are in Texas. Imagine calling them from your office in Los Angles or Miami and saying “Let’s Do Lunch”.

They will have personal relationships with NIC, PSI, Pearson Vue and Prometric. If you do not understand what these companies do, call us at: 760-534-4434

They will own and operate cosmetology and/or barber schools.
Owning and operating schools gives these companies access to private information “THE BOARD” does NOT share with industry outsiders.

Companies that own & operate cosmetology schools will have daily feedback about the questions being asked on this years’ State Board Exam.                                                                                                       Companies that are located in other countries obviously do not have this daily feedback or personal relationships with local Board Members.

SO – Before you pullout your credit card and order a product that claims it will help you pass your State Board Exam,

CALL – the company and ask them the 6 questions above.

If they do not have their phone number on their website, or if they do not answer their phones during normal business hours, or they can’t give you the correct answer to the 6 questions above.

– just say “Thank You”, and HANG UP!!!

And then call another company.

We called every company advertising on the internet, and we only found 2 that
-posted their phone number on their website,
-answered their phone during normal business hours,  and
– provided the correct answers to our questions.

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